Eschew Surplusage

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Get rid of the too much – the wasted and outdated tactics as the centerpiece of your campaign. Gone are the days of phone banks, yard signs and direct mail. Sure, these are good for sales and diversification – not everyone gathers their information in any single or uniform context. But everyone should know that it is, in fact, 2012. No, that’s not singularly significant because it’s an election year; it’s also a call to politickers to understand that change in time means evolution in practice.

Enter, the web. Oh what a powerful tool to employ, abuse and arrest. Use it to your advantage, we say. Email marketing, online donations, integrated databases and segmented/targeted marketing delivery. No, you need not grasp this wonky (or nerdy as we feel) online campaigning terminology. What is important is understanding that online marketing is making moves like Olajuwon. (We’re confident in quoting Jay-Z professionally, given his business savvy).

Bugging people by email is not a new nor clever concept. It is coupled by other outreach, pending your budget. Enter, texting, social media, new age PR and the above-mentioned dinosaurs. An integrated and comprehensive strategy is necessary to produce results. To produce solutions. Much of this serves as background to our business model. Plus the new model marketing is easy, efficient and cheap…much, much cheaper than said old tactics. So we leave you with this, a charge: eschew surplusage – rid your biz of crap and find yourself cheaper, newer, more efficient solutions.



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