Thank you for checking out the website and blog for our company, BGW Solutions, LLC. You can follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BGWSolutions or on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/BGWSolutions.

We are a boutique firm currently operating out of the Columbia, SC and Washington, DC metro areas and focusing on South Carolina and national public relations, lobbying, and business development. At BGW, we couple operational and political savvy with cutting edge marketing technology know-how.

Our business fosters creativity to help clients reach their goals, and we approach every client relationship as a collaborative opportunity. The key to success as a consultant, strategist, marketer, and political operative lies in such creativity — and a sustained willingness to change. As with any strategist’s approach, proactive bounds toward improvement are necessary. And understanding the nature of how marketing/campaign strategies change over time allows our output and delivery to consistently evolve to achieve the solutions our clients desire.

Whether you’d like to advance a policy, promote your business, or win a political race, we’ve got the campaign for you. Please contact us with any inquiries regarding needed services or a proposal.

The BGW Team